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Top Ten Little Known Facts About Christian Kocinski September 28, 2008

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For those of you who didn’t listen to my appearance on Geek Brunch, here’s the list about my Cine-Rama cohost and international man of mystery, Christian Kocinski . . .
10)  Christian was the original Gerber baby.
9)  Christian’s ability to yodel has been insured by Lloyd’s of London for five million dollars.
8)  Christian’s beard contains a 1:600th scale replica the city of Reykjavik, Iceland.
7)  Christian does not own a car.  Instead he prefers to travel everywhere via autogyro.
6)  Christian knows 36 ways to kill a man with his bare hands.  The 37th was taught only to me, in case I would ever have to kill him.
5)  The ancient Greeks used Christian’s beard as a standard measure when trying to put together a mathematical model of the solar system.
4)  Christian can get a woman pregnant just by being in the same room with her.
3)  Christian’s testicles are named Milo and Otis.  His penis is named The Journey Home.
2)  All of Christian’s home videos are narrated by Morgan Freeman.
1)  Christian is just a steel town girl on a Saturday night, looking for the fight of his life.


Bad Ideas September 28, 2008

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At some point I realized that walking with a fever, sixty pounds of film equipment strapped to my back (valued at around six thousand dollars) was a bad idea.

Keith is on Geek Brunch #62 September 25, 2008

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This week we’re joined by Keith Cunningham as we talk about Wilford Brimley, computer nightmares, and whether or not the people on the HBO series True Blood have realistic accents.

Featuring the songs “A Last Lullaby” and “Dead Letter” by Cage 9, as found on the Podsafe Music Network.


Cine-Rama Episode 14 & The Trip Episode 3 September 22, 2008

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The Trip Episode 3

In the third episode, the guys talk about Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.


Cine-Rama Episode 14

“Send in the Clones”

This episode allows Keith to do one of his favorite things in the world … talk about Star Wars. This time around it’s talking around The Clone Wars. Will Keith give in to his inner fanboy? Do you even have to ask? Of course he does! Then, in challenge reviews, Christian talks about Slipstream, Keith talks about The Beaver Trilogy, and no one is happy.


Comic Book Floats September 19, 2008

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Apparently the University’s homecoming parade theme this year is comic books.  They finally get hip!  Now, the ultimate irony of this is that I’m going to be out of town that weekend at MidOhio Con.  I’m even hipper!

Reviewing The Force Unleashed September 17, 2008

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Well, sort of . . . .

I can’t do a really honest review of the game just yet because I have only played a little bit of it (it came out yesterday after all) but I’m really so excited that I need to get some thoughts down.

This game is freaking sweet!

Let me give you an idea of the awesomeness here.  In the first level, you play on Kashyyyk as Darth Vader and you can literally crumple people into tiny balls by breaking all their limbs with the Force.  In the second level, you’re having a lightsaber fight in a piece of space station that has broken off and is burning up in re-entry.  The third level is on a garbage planet called Raxus Prime, the “place where all droids go to die.”

I’ve got to talk about the new Havok physics engine along with the digital molecular matter and the new euphoria AI system.  I’m playing this game on PS3 and these three elements together (what LucasArts is calling the “Ronin” engine) really sells the term “next gen”.

Cine-Rama Episode 13: Top Ten Comedies September 16, 2008

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In this packed-to-the-gills bonus episode the boys talk about their ten favorite comedies. LEARN what is “beyond lists”! LEARN what is “number one”. LEARN that Keith overthinks these things! LEARN how to find the hypoteneous of a right triangle! (Hint: it’s the sum of the squares of the other two sides).


The Godfather Trilogy, A Look Back September 16, 2008

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“The higher I go, the crookeder it becomes.”
– Al Pacino as Michael Corleone, in The Godfather Part Three

There used to be a part of me that said I couldn’t really call myself a film student because I had never seen The Godfather Trilogy. That part of me has been appeased now, because over the course of the past month I have watched all three. I’m really a film guy now!

I’m not going to do anything really in depth for these reviews, because really, what more could I say that hasn’t already been said by people who are far smarter than me? I’m just going to jot down some thoughts as they come to me for each of the chapters in the story.

The Godfather Part One – There’s a reason this film is held in such high esteem by so many critics. Don’t get me wrong, I do not think it’s the greatest film of all time . . . I do, however, feel it was very good.

I was a little surprised at first when I realized that the film was set during the 40’s . . . for some reason I thought the story was after that. I don’t know why. But all the same, it was a pleasant surprise. Suggesting that Michael was a war hero made his fall from grace all the more tragic in the end.

I must say that I think my favorite portions of this chapter were when Michael was in hiding in Sicily. There’s just something about that beautiful countryside that is enchanting. His marriage to the local girl, Appolonia, was also a thing of beauty and I really felt for her death and the crystallizing effect it had on Michael’s character.

Bonus points: Marlon Brando . . . you can’t go wrong! Actually, it was a great cast all around.

The Godfather Part Two – The flashing back and forth between the “present” and Vito Corleone’s immigration and rise to power was an interesting device. Tying the story into the Cuban revolution was an interesting choice as well.

I think my favorite parts of this film were the scenes covering Vito’s backstory. Maybe it was the past setting, or maybe it was Robert De Niro’s strong performance, I don’t know. I found myself hoping the present story would hurry up so I could get back to the past.

I thought the final scene of the film was brilliant . . . after Fredo’s death was ordered by Michael flashing back to a moment in the life of their family before everything started to go so wrong just added to the tragedy. These people were happy once, but the choices of their lives ruined that.

The Godfather Part Three – This film was nowhere near as bad as people had led me to believe it was. Maybe I would feel differently if I’d seen it when it had first come out after a long anticipation, but watching it as part of the whole it feels like a fine addition. No, Sofia Coppela is not nearly as annoying as people would have you believe either. I actually liked her work here, so there.

The one thing I really did miss in this film was Robert Duvall. The fact that he’d survived the previous two gave me hopes that he would be back for this one, but no such luck.

It was interesting to loosely (very loosely) tie the storyline into the death of Pope John Paul the First (or in this case, his doppel-ganger as they did not want to use the name of the real Holy Father). It was a bold choice, and normally I don’t like it when films add fuel to conspiracy theories (in this case, that John Paul the First was actually murdered), but for this particular film I think it worked.

You can really feel for Al Pacino in this chapter. He plays Michael as a beaten man, weary for the life he’s chosen and wishing things had gone differently. His on-screen death echoes that of Marlon Brando in the first chapter.

I’ve heard rumors that Coppela has mentioned possibly doing a fourth Godfather film at some point, but I think that would be a mistake. The series feels complete now. There’s really no need to tell more.

So yeah . . . the Godfather, a story that covers all the immigrant experience, family, organized crime, the Cuban revolution, political corruption, Papal corruption, religion, love, and violence. Well worth seeing and I’m an idiot that I didn’t see them earlier.

The Trip – Episode Two September 15, 2008

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In this second episode my co-hosts Ryan King, Eric Martin, and I discuss our memories of G.I. Joe cartoons from back in the day.

A trip down memory lane . . . A trip back to childhood . . . We are The Trip . . .


General Tso, My Inscrutable Foe September 13, 2008

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Today was pretty good.  I had a nice meal for dinner of Chinese food from New Orient.  I haven’t eaten there in awhile, so it was nice to go back.  My meal consisted of General Tso’s chicken, fried rice, lo mein, and an egg roll.  Tasty stuff.  I’ll admit that I ate so much that I got The Itis though and crashed out for about two hours. 

Chinese food AND a nap?  Can’t go wrong there.

The other cool bit of news is I’ve now booked my ticket for MidOhio Con.  So watch out, Columbus!  All three hosts of The Trip Podcast are going to be back in action again and on the prowl.