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Top Ten Little Known Facts About Christian Kocinski September 28, 2008

Posted by vorpalkeith in Podcast Appearances.

For those of you who didn’t listen to my appearance on Geek Brunch, here’s the list about my Cine-Rama cohost and international man of mystery, Christian Kocinski . . .
10)  Christian was the original Gerber baby.
9)  Christian’s ability to yodel has been insured by Lloyd’s of London for five million dollars.
8)  Christian’s beard contains a 1:600th scale replica the city of Reykjavik, Iceland.
7)  Christian does not own a car.  Instead he prefers to travel everywhere via autogyro.
6)  Christian knows 36 ways to kill a man with his bare hands.  The 37th was taught only to me, in case I would ever have to kill him.
5)  The ancient Greeks used Christian’s beard as a standard measure when trying to put together a mathematical model of the solar system.
4)  Christian can get a woman pregnant just by being in the same room with her.
3)  Christian’s testicles are named Milo and Otis.  His penis is named The Journey Home.
2)  All of Christian’s home videos are narrated by Morgan Freeman.
1)  Christian is just a steel town girl on a Saturday night, looking for the fight of his life.



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