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Wrath of MidOhio Con October 8, 2008

Posted by vorpalkeith in Life The Universe and Everything.

Last weekened I attended MidOhio Con ’08 in Columbus Ohio.  At a con there’s way too much to try to sum up in words, so I thought I’d do a series of bullet points to try to explain the weekend.

– Cleveland Greyhound depot is filled with colorful characters

– Stayed in the same hotel as David Beckham and the LA Galaxy.  Beckham walked three feet behind me when Eric and I were checking in.

– People I talked to at length were Sean McKeever, Mike Grell, David Mack, Chris Eliopolous, and Art Baltazar. All awesome guys

– Barley’s Brewery across from the convention center makes good peroghis and chili cheese fries.  After this and Heroes Con must make point to eat at brewery every convention.

– Things I got:


Daredevil: Echo – Vision Quest (signed by David Mack)
Spider-Man: Return of the Goblin
Spectacular Spider-Man Volume 4
Spectacular Spider-Man Volume 5
Spectacular Spider-Man Volume 6
Supreme Power Volume 1
Supreme Power Volume 2
Supreme Power Volume 3
Silent War
The Waiting Place Volume 1 (signed HILARIOUSLY by Sean McKeever)
The Waiting Place Volume 2 (signed by McKeever)
The Waiting Place Volume 3 (signed by McKeever)
Wolverine: Origin
Wolverine: The Death of Wolverine HC
Black Panther Volume 1 (Christopher Priest)
Black Panther Volume 2 (Christopher Priest)
The Walking Dead Volume 3
All-New Atom: The Hunt For Ray Palmer
Tommysaurus Rex
Secret War
District X Volume 2
Frank Miller’s Ronin
Bruce Wayne: Murderer?
Bruce Wayne: Fugitive Volume 1
Noble Causes Volume 1
Ministry of Space


MidOhio Exclusive John Byrne Poster
MidOhio Exclusive Chris Giarusso Poster
MidOhio Exclusive Arthur Syudam Marvel Zombies Poster
Serial Squad Poster
Poster For an Upcoming Project by the Creator of Serial Squad


Art Balthasar was doing $1 sketches colored in crayon that were awesome. I got four of them:
Robin (Tim Drake)
Captain Marvel (Billy Batson)
Sandman (Wesley Dodds)


Baby Boomers Pin
Jr. Serial Squad Membership Kit (they sold me with the decoder ring!)

Individual Issues:

Free mini-comic called Blink
The Serial Squad one shot
a steampunk horror one shot the title of which I forget at the moment, but it was from the guy who did Serial Squad
Baby Boomers #1
Mercury and the Murd #1
Official Handbook of the Mercury and the Murd Universe
Tiny Titans #1
two signed issues of Kabuki that David Mack gave me for free

– Best part of weekend: hanging out with Ryan and Eric
– DO NOT eat chicken at a Greyhound station.  In fact, as a procaution, avoid eating at Greyhound stations at all.


1. Christian "the pound puppy" Kocinski - October 8, 2008

Jesus man did you have to rent a uhaul for that mountain of schtuff you bought?

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