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Halloween Horror Countdown Pt. 6 October 12, 2008

Posted by vorpalkeith in Movie Review.
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“What the hell are dreams anyway?”

I know what you’re thinking.  Keith, how is it that you’re so attractive?  Well, I’m just one of those fortunate people who is good looking.  You’re also thinking, how is it that you haven’t seen this movie before?  Well, the truth is, I had seen it, but it was a long time ago . . . so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to watch it again. 

I don’t really need to say anything about the plot, because you all know it out there in Internet land.  I’ll just state what I thought.  First, I can remember being incredibly freaked out by this movie as a kid, and it certainly didn’t live up to the memory of the terror (what could as an adult?).  The thing that surprised me was that this holds up much better than I thought it would.  You see so many horror movies these days, but I wonder if kids today really appreciate the classics like this.

Damn kids.

Bonus points: the protagonist FOUGHT BACK.  We don’t get to see that enough in horror films.

” . . . and introducing Johnny Depp.”

I give it 4 spooky pumpkins out of 5.



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