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Halloween Horror Countdown Pt. 8 October 15, 2008

Posted by vorpalkeith in Movie Review.
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As Christopher Eccleston would say when portraying the Doctor: “Fantastic!”  Now this is a horror film that I can really sink my teeth into and surpasses the trapping of the genre into just becoming great film in general. 

It deals with the surviving members of a British company during the first World War.  They get lost behind enemy lines in a dense fog and stumble upon a German trench, which they take and begin to fortify in hopes that reinforcements will soon arrive.  There were some Germans left in the trench, one of which they manage to take as a captive.  As they investigate the trench they begin to see that something isn’t right here.  The radio is sending them confusing, incorrect messages.  And they find German bodies that were stabbed with German bayonets.

Then the really strange stuff begins to happen.

I don’t want to say anything more about this movie for fear of spoiling it, but I do give it 5 spooky pumpkins out of 5.


From triumphant highs to staggering lows.  After Deathwatch just about anything wouldn’t have looked that great, but this one has to go and be extra bad.

The premise of this film is a plane makes an emergency landing on an island with a crazy marine biologist on it.  The marine biologist is studying a form of sea life that . . . . you guessed it, eats flesh.  Man, I don’t know what was worse about this movie: the jive talking beatnik kid or the fact that the audio was overdubbed and out of sync (this was an American film, there is no excuse for that). 

Also, you might have had better luck convincing me that you were far out to sea in the Caribbean if I hadn’t been able to see the coastline less than a mile away . . . clearly dotted with PINE trees.

1 spooky pumpkin out of 5.



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