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Halloween Horror Countdown Pt. 16 November 1, 2008

Posted by vorpalkeith in Movie Review.


Is there anything greater than seeing Burgess Meredith act?  Probably, but my first child hasn’t been born yet, so we’ll just say that Burgess Meredith is damn awesome.  Here he plays a carney by the name of Dr. Diablo who entices a group of strangers to see glimpses of the future. 

Oh, yes, it’s an anthology.  And you know how I loves me some anthologies.

We get to see a homicidal psychic cat, a murderous piano, Hollywood robots, and an immortal Edgar Allan Poe.  Plus, Peter Cushing and Jack Palance.

4 spooky pumpkins out of 5.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned this month it’s this: watching Peter Cushing play against Christopher Lee is a thing of magic.  Here we have Cushing and Dr. Van Helsing, Lee as Count Dracula . . . plus Michael Gough!  This didn’t stick too close to the novel, but these old Hammer horror films are gems. 

I give it 3.5 spooky pumpkins out of 5.


How fucking creepy is Dean Stockwell, really?  Pretty friggin’ seriously creepy, I tell you.

This story is based on an HP Lovecraft story, my favorite HP Lovecraft story actually.  Now, as disappointed as I might have been by the things they changed (adding in a superfluous love story for example), they got enough of it right that it was just nice to see.

Also, we got to see a barely clothed Sandra Dee tied to an altar whilst writhing.  Thank you for THAT, Turner Classic Movies.

I give it 3.5 spooky pumpkins out of 5.


In the first two minutes of this movie you see both a dismemberment and a nipple.  Well, at least they knew their audience.  That’s the most I can say of the movie though.  It deals with an ancient Egyptian cult, some blood feast or something, I’ll be honest I was paying more attention to my animation homework.  The story was laughable and the acting was maybe the worst I’ve ever seen in a feature film.

1 spooky pumpkin out of 5.



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