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The Journey January 13, 2009

Posted by vorpalkeith in Life The Universe and Everything.
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Well, it happened.
I did it.
I moved to Milwaukee this weekend to pursue my filmmaking career.
This blog entry is going to be a much abridged chronicle of the road trip that Christian and I took to get there.

Before leaving Erie we had to make sure we ate at that best restaurant in town, the Imperial China Buffet. It would just be wrong not to.


Afterwards the SUV was packed up and I wished everyone a fond farewell. My mom cried. Moms . . . what can you do, right? Then we were on the road.


We made a pit stop in Euclid Heights to visit an awesome vintage toy store known as Big Fun Pop Culture Emporium. This place was HUGE, and it was as though The Trip Podcast crashed, and this store was the smoking crater.



Part of me didn’t want to leave. Part of me wanted to ask for an application. But, on we pressed . . .


We also stopped in at a record shop that was really more head shop. Saw some . . . interesting products. A small sampling: gas mask bong, a bootleg dvd of that kung fu classic “Crippled Masters”, some cool pork pie hats, and . . . . muppet porn. Yes, a dvd of real women having sex with Henson-styled puppets. Only in America, folks.

Onwards we went . . . We listened to the latest episode of Geek Brunch in the car . . .

We stopped for the night in a small town called Howe, Indiana and stayed in the Best Western there. Much to our dismay there were no theaters in the area playing Gran Torino (we remedied the lack of having seen it once we hit Milwaukee), so instead we went out to dinner just over the border in Sturgis, Michigan. We ate at a lovely Mexican restaurant named Maria’s and I had a great chicken taco salad.

The next morning we checked out early and were back on the road. Taking the wrong exit lead us to going straight through Chicago where I saw the Sears Tower.


And we finally arrived in Milwaukee. As a celebration I bought a new hat which is an almost perfect match to the one I wore to death. Now my life is complete.

I already have some good prospects for jobs, so things are looking up!



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