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More Keith Than You Can Handle February 6, 2009

Posted by vorpalkeith in column, Podcast Appearances.

Lots of Keith and Keith-related things got released out into the wild today.

First . . . the season premiere of Cine-Rama . . .

Cine-Rama Podcast Episode 20: The Best of the Best of The Best of the Year – the Year of 2008

Season two begins with a bang! Will we find out who shot Keith? Will we find out who the father of Christian’s baby is? Probably not! But we will find out what their favorite movies of 2008 are and what they’re looking forward to the most in 2009. Semi-Live from Milwaukee… in the new Cine-Rama studios…


And then we have the premiere edition of my new column for Geek Syndicate:

Watch Out! Mind Leeches! #1 “Why?”

Three unrelated facts . . .

1) In the United States we just had the Super Bowl. For the non-Americans out there, that’s the biggest football game of the year. American football, of course, otherwise the biggest game would be the World Cup.

2) Famous astronomer Carl Sagan once hosted a popular television program called Cosmos. In this series, our turtle necked hero would take us with him on an amazing journey through the universe, teaching us about science, using the best special effects that late seventies public television had to offer. Man, that was some kind of turtle neck that man wore, wasn’t it?

3) The great philosopher Socrates once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Of course, they made him drink hemlock, so maybe he examined himself to death.

These things are completely unrelated facts. Only, they aren’t. . .




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