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Sigh . . . February 26, 2009

Posted by vorpalkeith in Life The Universe and Everything, Movie News.
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I’m just going to say it.

Screw you, Entertainment Weekly.


There, I got that out of my system.

Now to my point.

I don’t think every article written about comic books or comic book inspired movies needs to be written from the POV of some Homecoming Court that just stumbled into the library to discover a game of Dungeons and Dragons getting played.  Yes, comics are written for “adults”, you self-righteous, pompous, dandies.  EW were the ones who put the word adult in quotation marks.  That tone marks the entire article.

They pontificate in wonder how this story containing “self-awareness and cynicism” doesn’t veer into a “cheap-and-silly” Scary Movie parody.  Did anyone at all think that was going to be a problem?

They also underestimate the intelligence of the average viewer . . .

Certainly, it’s a hard project to get your head around. “Watchmen” is set in the year 1985. The U.S. and the Soviet Union are on the brink of nuclear war, and the president is Richard Nixon, whose success at ending the Vietnam War (he asked Dr. Manhattan to blow up the Vietcong) has earned him five terms of office from a grateful nation. Conservative politics are popular, as are Indian fast food and pirate comics. But costumed heroes, once all the rage, are now outlawed.

When the Comedian gets murdered, Rorschach tries to round up his old allies to investigate. They eventually uncover an insidious conspiracy hatched by an unlikely villain, one whose grand ambition isn’t world domination but something else altogether.

Now, was that so hard to understand?  Really?

Another thing . . . if you’re going to use the word geek maybe you should realize that we’re over reviling it as a derogatory term.  It’s our rally cry now.

We’re proud to be called geeks, and we’re not in some bizarre social ghetto like only exists on sitcoms from the 1980s.  We’re everywhere!  Look around you in fear!  That guy who works in the cube next to you?  He watches Battlestar Galactica.  Your grocer?  He watches Star Wars movies with his kids.  And oh yeah!  Your president?  The guy you just elected?  Betcha didn’t realize that he collects Amazing Spider-Man and Savage Sword of Conan.  Fact.

But you can continue to live in your imaginary world where what enjoy for entertainment defines your value as a human being, if you want.  I know!  Why don’t you check and see what Brangelina are up to?  That’s so much better.

Sigh . . . at least they didn’t use POW! BIFF! BOOM! as the first three sentences . . .

Not that I’m bitter or anything.


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