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Several Things, Mostly Sweetmint April 8, 2009

Posted by vorpalkeith in Film Thing, Life The Universe and Everything.

Christian wants me to talk a bit about the new Sweetmint blog that’s he’s set up, so I guess I should do that, or else he’ll just keep nagging me.  The blog can be found at Sweetmint Blog. There we’re going to be talking about the production of the film, what goes into it, and probably doing a lot of whining about making movies on no budget whatsoever.

For those unfamiliar, Sweetmint is the feature film we’re making this year. It’s a story about two guys on the cusp of graduating college, dealing with the changes they’re about to face, the trials and tribulations of life and love. I am the co-writer.

Did I mention we got financing? Oh, we did. Christian also tells me the dang thing is cast, so production begins in May. Go team us! I will make it out to Milwaukee at some point during the shoot to participate in the actually production process.

Christian wants me to participate on the blog, writing posts and whatnot. I’m pretty sure he needs to give me permission through wordpress before that’s going to happen though.

Changing gears a bit here . . . it looks like Kumar is headed to the White House!


That’s right. Kal Penn is going to be joining the Obama administration as part of the White House Office of Public Liaison. He’ll being dealing with issues involving the Asian, Pacific Islander, and arts communities.

This is a wise move for Kumar seeing as how Harold was recently elected to the position of helmsman of the Enterprise.



1. Christian Kocinski - April 8, 2009

It’s actually Sweetmint – the blog, not Sweetmint blog… Get it right Cunningham…

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