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Scattershot Blogpost, With Links April 15, 2009

Posted by vorpalkeith in Life The Universe and Everything, science, television review.
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Keith: So where should I go to make new friends?
Keith: Cause right now my social interaction comes from podcasting and conventions.
Barb: I don’t know. What kind of places are available to you?
Keith: I don’t know… I don’t go to bars. Or clubs.
Barb: Are there any kinds of groups to join?
Keith: Like AA?
Barb: Hardy har har.
Barb: No, like a group of people who like the same kinds of things you do.
Keith: Lesbians?
A woman has been said to have developed a useful imaginary third arm in a stunning neuroscientific achievement.


None of my imaginary friends were ever particularly useful.

The periodic table of awesome!

Period Table of Awesome


The stunning racism of this sentiment shocked even me.


Can people be impeached for being stupid?


In a final note, I watched the Doctor Who easter special “Planet of the Dead” which I quite enjoyed. Tennant was fun as always, we had a cool alien world, UNIT, and Michelle Ryan was just . . . is yummy a sexist term? Did anyone else get a Pitch Black vibe from the planet that the double-decker bus wound up crashing on?

We also get our first hints as to the tenth Doctor’s ultimate fate. The psychic woman tells him that his song will soon be ending (very reminiscent of the line from Planet of the Ood). She also says that “he is coming back from out of the darkness” and that “he will knock four times”.



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