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May 28, 2009

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Move along, nothing to see here.


Cine-Rama Episode 24 Has Dropped May 19, 2009

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Who are the greatest villains in film history? Who are the greatest heroes? We try to answer. In challenges, Keith reviews Bottle Rocket and Christian reviews Nothing (that’s the title).

You can find it at all the usual places.

A Short List of Some Pet Peeves May 18, 2009

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– People who hold money in their mouth

– Sweaty money

– Women who put money or other things in their bras or cleavage

– Too long fingernails

– When silverwear hits your teeth

– Those lights in the heels of kids’ shoes

– Those wheels in the heels of kids’ sneakers

– Sticky things on your hands

– Pushy lotion salespeople in the mall who feel the need to grab you and/or put lotion on you. I did not ask for this.

– When customers call on the phone at work, then feel the need to tell you their life story while there is a line of customers out the door

The Day’s Musings May 15, 2009

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It’s not that I’m actively going out of my way not to maintain the blog or the site. It’s just that I’ve been so damned busy lately I’ve hardly had a chance to catch my breath.

Don’t be offended. Trust me, it’s me, not you. You’re all very lovely and I think we should stay friends.

Now . . . moving onward and upwards . . .

I’ve seen Wolverine. It was . . . okay. You’ll hear me say more about it on an upcoming episode of Cine-Rama, but sufficed to say if you want to see a movie where Wolverine claws stuff up, this should fill that need.

Then I saw Star Trek . . . which you’ll be hearing a lot more about on Cine-Rama, but my spoiler-free preview should be something along the lines of HOLY CRAP WASN’T THAT AN AWESOME MOVIE?!?!?!?! Just so much fun.

Ahem, trying to get dignified again . . .

I’ve been doing a ton of inking lately for The Man With Electric Eyes. I’m almost done with the blacks for the first issue, then I’m going to do my fixes and add the red inks. Then lettering.

This is just a reminder to myself that I need to get off my butt and get the script for issue two nailed, because sooner than I think I’ll wind up havng to draw that.

Well, back to work . . .

24 Frames to Play in the Holy Land May 2, 2009

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Something I forgot to mention in the previous blog post. Bad, Zoot, naughty Zoot!

It’s some pretty big news about 24 Frames, so without further ado, here’s Brad:

I just received word that “24 Frames” has been invited to screen at the 9th annual Tel Aviv International Animation, Comics & Caricature Festival, which takes place between August 19th and August 22nd.
Information can be found here:
As always, thank you for your support.

So by the end of August the film will have played at festivals in both Tel Aviv and Tehran. This film really is covering a lot of ground!

Time Flies . . . May 2, 2009

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. . . when you’re not having fun, but instead working in a movie theater.

I didn’t realize it until I was reminded today by our director, but tomorrow begins the first day of principal photography for Sweetmint, the feature film that I co-wrote. It just kind of crept up on me without me realizing it, but yeah, it really is May, huh?

I wrote post over on the Sweetmint Blog talking about my feelings on this, the eve of the shoot. Sufficed to say that there is every day before now, and every day after. I mean, holy crap, Batman . . . A FEATURE FILM I WROTE IS BEING MADE!

I’m going to consider it a good omen that this auspicious date also shares the calendar with Free Comic Book Day 2009. I will, unfortunately, be working, so I’m going to have to observe the event in a secular fashion. But if you get a chance to go out to a shop, er, today now (the clock rolled over), I highly encourage it. Free Comic Book Day, besides being a ton of fun and an excuse to get free swag and discounted merchandise, is a wonderful idea that encourages literacy in children.

Go to a shop. Bring a kid. Get them a comic. Kids should be reading comic books because comic books rock!

GI Joe and Transformers 2 Trailers May 1, 2009

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It’s like someone took an ice cream scoop to the part of my brain that contains early childhood memories, put it through a sieve, added Shia Labouf and Dennis Quaid, and put it on screen.

80’s cartoons were epic in a way that cartoons of today just aren’t (unless they’re being made in Japan). I’m not sure kids today understand how sadly lacking they are.

The boys over at the Geek Syndicate posted links to the trailers. Go give them a watch, won’t you?

GI Joe!

More than meets the eye!

The Trip 14 May 1, 2009

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The new episode of The Trip is out now.
It’s about The Real World.
This would be the MTV show, not what we’re going to wake up to when we are all unplugged from The Matrix.