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Time Flies . . . May 2, 2009

Posted by vorpalkeith in Film Thing, Life The Universe and Everything.
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. . . when you’re not having fun, but instead working in a movie theater.

I didn’t realize it until I was reminded today by our director, but tomorrow begins the first day of principal photography for Sweetmint, the feature film that I co-wrote. It just kind of crept up on me without me realizing it, but yeah, it really is May, huh?

I wrote post over on the Sweetmint Blog talking about my feelings on this, the eve of the shoot. Sufficed to say that there is every day before now, and every day after. I mean, holy crap, Batman . . . A FEATURE FILM I WROTE IS BEING MADE!

I’m going to consider it a good omen that this auspicious date also shares the calendar with Free Comic Book Day 2009. I will, unfortunately, be working, so I’m going to have to observe the event in a secular fashion. But if you get a chance to go out to a shop, er, today now (the clock rolled over), I highly encourage it. Free Comic Book Day, besides being a ton of fun and an excuse to get free swag and discounted merchandise, is a wonderful idea that encourages literacy in children.

Go to a shop. Bring a kid. Get them a comic. Kids should be reading comic books because comic books rock!



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