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Screaming Tiki Con July 16, 2009

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On Sunday a party of four nerds got into a car and went to Screaming Tiki Con in Cleveland. I choose to believe that I was the leader of said party because I choose to believe such things about myself. Got a problem with that?

I’m not going to go into too much detail about the Con itself as there really isn’t much detail to go into. It was tiny and I believe that almost all of the money was spent on booking their celebrity guests. The dealers room was just sad, and there really wasn’t an artist alley to speak of.

The guests were really awesome though. Helen Slater (looking better today than ever), Michael Rosenbaum (who was nowhere to be seen), Daniel Logan (who is much taller now), Ray Park (who could kill me without much effort at all), Edward James Olmos (who I’m still star-struck by), and Sam Witwer (who blasted us with Force Lightning).



Didn’t get much chance to talk to Dan Logan, but he seems a nice guy, and says to get the word out for him to play Fett in the live-action show. Lucas listens to fans, and Logan is definitely up for it.

Ray Park is such a gentleman, and nothing like what you expect having seen him in Episode One. He’s very unassuming. He says that he’s definitely up for playing Iron Fist if Marvel wants him, and I must say I really like the idea.

Edward James Olmos – the Admiral. This man was pure class. You could tell that he was tired after three days of convention, but he didn’t let that deter him from being friendly, gracious, and just awesome to meet. He will apparently be directing some episodes of Caprica.

Sam Witwer was so cool. You can tell in all his actions that he’s just one of us who made good. He loves this stuff and it’s amazing. We got a chance to have a fairly lengthy conversation with him about Force Unleashed, gaming, The Old Republic, Star Wars films, voice acting, and even sound mixing. Just a really nice guy.

The other thing of note was I was drawn randomly to participate in the “Name the Movie” game at the Con, where I must say I schooled the room. For this I won a copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special. Hell yeah.

I’ll put up a copy of the photo with Olmos when I get mine. In the meantime, enjoy some Ray Park . . .


Just after this photo Ray killed 17 ninjas.



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