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Halloween Horror Countdown 2009 Day 6 October 8, 2009

Posted by vorpalkeith in Film Thing.

Mad Love
Directed by Karl Freund

Peter Lorre . . . you so creepy!

Mad Love is the tale of a scientist who grafts the hands of an executed knife-throwing murderer onto the husband of the actress he is obsessed with. The hands take on a life of their own . . . sort of. Or maybe they didn’t. It was kind of hard to tell. Anyway, the husband, who before had been a concert pianist does wind up with some mad knife-throwing skills.

He’s not the villain though. The villain is the obsessed doctor, who is played by Peter Lorre in his usual pitch-perfect Peter Lorre style.

So I may not be able to tell you if the hands actually came alive, but I can say that Peter Lorre is the man.

I give it two spooky pumpkins out of five.



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