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Halloween Horror Countdown 2009 Day 7 October 13, 2009

Posted by vorpalkeith in Film Thing.

Directed by the Spierig Brothers

“In my day we fucking respected our parents! We didn’t fucking try to eat them!”

It’s a bold statement in a movie if you’re going to include both zombies and aliens. The only other movie that springs to mind that had this particular combination was Plan 9 From Outer Space.

That may have been a spoiler, but oh well.

This Australian film really harkens back to things like Evil Dead, in a good way. It’s really a silly movie with shoddy CG work and lots of splattery gore. There is a bearded badass wearing a cowboy hat wielding three shotguns simultaneously. There were points where I expected Bruce Campbell to show up!

It’s a film that knows exactly what it is, and for that I give it credit. It tries to entertain in the silliest, popcorniest way.

Fish attack!

I give it four spooky pumpkins out of five.



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