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Top 10 Movie Theater Experiences December 4, 2009

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Over on my friend/nemesis Christian Kocinski’s blog he discusses his top ten movie theater experiences.  I decided I would steal the idea from him and share my own over here.

10 ) Gran Torino – AMC Mayfair Mall 18

This is notable because this was the first movie I saw when I was in Milwaukee. I lived there for several months while Christian and I knocked about on the screenplay for Sweetmint.

9) The Departed/Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End/Crank/Fearless and many others – The Movies at Meadville

When I was working in Meadville as a projectionist one of the best job perks was being able to catch flicks when I was waiting for the evening to end. There was nothing else for me to do up there, so very often I’d grab a stool, turn up the monitor level, and watch a new release – AND GET PAID FOR IT.

8 ) The Wrestler – Landmark Oriental

The reason I mention this is for the theater itself. This place was just gorgeous! Ornately appointed in a way you’d expect from Hollywood’s golden age.

7 ) Sky High – Cinemark Milcreek 6

This one was memorable because when we went we only really had a tangential interest in the film (which turned out to be really good). It was just an excuse to go out for the evening and blow off some steam on a Friday night after a long week at film school. We got Chinese at my favorite buffet, we relaxed, we enjoyed the show. That’s what going to the cinema is all about.

6 ) Muppet Christmas Carol – Conneaut Plaza Cinema

I have very vivid memories of going to see this when it came out as part of a school field trip. You can never go wrong with a movie co-starring Michael Caine and Kermit the Frog.

5) The Two Towers – Erie Tinseltown 17

This was a PACKED auditorium. The buzz was high after the first Lord of the Rings movie and people were excited. The movie didn’t let us down either. I can still remember the chills I had through my body during the battle of Helm’s Deep.

4 ) Star Trek – Erie Tinseltown 17

A recent entry, but an awesome one. I saw this at a midnight show the night of opening and people cheered throughout at the high points. It also got a standing ovation at the end. Well done, JJ Abrams.

3 ) Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith – Ashtabula Mall Cinema 6

This was actually a private screening the day before the movie formally opened. It was a small group of friends who were all excited to see the final Star Wars movie. Great time had by all.

2 ) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Conneaut Plaza Cinema

This is one of my earliest movie theater memories. I can remember my dad taking my brother Ian and I to see this back when Turtles were at the height of their popularity and we were both Turtles crazy. This may actually prove to have been one of the greatest nights of my life.

1 ) The Fellowship of the Ring – Ashtabula Mall Cinema 6

This was another before-opening private screening, filled with a room of like-minded geeks who had just as large a passion for the highly anticipated movie they were about to see. You cannot ask for better conditions to watch a movie in.

Honorable mention: The time me and some high school buddies went and caught the original Spider-Man film at the old movie theater in Meadville before it closed down.



1. Christian Kocinski - December 4, 2009

OHHH, I forgot about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…
I saw that in the theatre with a family friend, and I came home and told my mom I had a hard time seeing the screen. Turned out I needed glasses. I was sitting in the second row for that movie… I loved the Turtles.

2. Scott - December 4, 2009

So, Keith. What do you reckon the chances are that Avatar in 3D will push one of these off the list?

vorpalkeith - December 4, 2009

Not very good Scott. I really don’t have any faith that Avatar is going to be any good.

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