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The Smartest Thing He’s Ever Said April 15, 2010

Posted by vorpalkeith in Comic News.
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I give Grant Morrison a lot of crap.  His writing really isn’t my cup of tea.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that.  But I have just found a quote from him in a recent interview that I really respect.  It may in fact be, as the title suggests, the smartest thing that Grant Morrison has ever said!

“In terms of endless continuity, there’s always something new coming up. Obviously I want to tell my definitive Batman or X-Men story – which has a beginning, middle, and end – but comics will run for hundreds of years with hundreds of characters. My stories are in a long chain of other writers’ definitive stories. So when it’s time I leave, I’ll try to leave the toys exactly as I found them. So I like to put the characters through changes, but I try to leave a blank slate for the next writer. It’s the nature of the beast. With the big franchises like Batman, Batman always must be Bruce Wayne, in his mid-30s or late 30s, and he always must have a Batmobile and a butler. I can take them to the edge, but it always will come back to the basics.”

That’s a wonderfully grounded and honest statement.  So, at least this one time, Grant, I’ll tip my hat to you.



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