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Dream Projects June 30, 2010

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Every writer or creative person has a list of dream projects that they’d like to take on.  I know that I certainly do.  I don’t want to tip my cards on my own stuff, but you always get asked about already existing properties you’d like to take a stab at.  I don’t mind giving hints at what I would like to tackle at some point.

I’m a great lover of Star Wars and I certainly wouldn’t mind the opportunity to take a crack at writing a story in that universe.  I have an idea that would work as a comic mini-series that could be set during the timeline of The Old Republic MMO.

Of course I’d like to take a crack at any character from one of the big two. . . Who wouldn’t?

If I was writing something for Marvel I’d have to try to do something with Spider-Man (he’s my favorite character).  I’d also love to do anything with Power Man and Iron Fist.  That could be a hell of a lot of fun.  Ultimate Heroes for Hire maybe?

On the DC side of things I would love to do a Jimmy Olsen series about the entirety of the DC Universe through his eyes, with a bit of a darker edge.  It won’t happen.  A bit too Marvels probably.  That said . . . I have what I believe is a GREAT Phantom Stranger pitch.  Dan Didio, call me.

I also have an idea for a Vertigo graphic novel.  It would have to be Vertigo due to the content and the slight ties to a DC-owned property.  Very slight . . . like in Steven T. Seagel’s “It’s a Bird . . .”

I want to write something Doctor Who.  I will fight for this.  I will beg for this.  Someone please give me the chance.


I Love It When a Plan Comes Together June 24, 2010

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Tonight was a good night.  After eating at Five Guys Burgers and Fries Ian and I went and caught a showing up The A-Team.  Let me put it this way . . . if you have not seen this movie, then do it now.  Don’t sleep, don’t go to work, don’t even go to the bathroom.

Also, after having seen his performance in this and in District 9, I feel completely confident saying that Sharlto Copley is an amazing actor.

Heroes Con 2010 June 9, 2010

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This con report will be scattered as mentally I’m still recovering, so don’t be too shocked if this doesn’t quite make sense on a rational level.


Red Skull with Cosmic Cube

My trip to Charlotte began with a journey to New York. Manhattan to be precise. This might seem counter-intuitive as it’s somewhat in the wrong direction, but it was there I would be meeting up with Alan and Tony so we could nerd road trip our way down.

I got an opportunity to spend the evening in Manhattan and Alan showed me some of the sights. I saw: Times Square, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Radio City Music Hall, NBC Studios, The Today Show set, Empire State Building, Central Park (Alan steered me away from here so as I would not be brutally stabbed in the night), 557 Madison Avenue (the original offices of Marvel Comics – Spidey was born here!), er, those two buildings that got wrecked up in Cloverfield? I even got to see the Statue of Liberty from some distance.


Rockefeller Center

So then nerd road trip happened. We ate at Waffle House. I had a tasty omelet. More nerd road trip. Chic-Fil-A. More nerd road trip. Charlotte! This was Thursday night and madness was about to ensue . . .

Just at the hotel that night I ran into bunches of folks I knew. Shawn Pryor of PKD Media, Chad Cicconi (Mercury and the Murd, Baby Boomers), Dave Dwonch (Geek Savants, Space-Time Condominium, Gnome), Super Ugly (Geek Savants), Stewart, Adam Murdough (CGS), Dave Wachter (Guns of Shadow Valley). Vote for Wachter in the Eisners this year, won’t you?

The hotel we were at was the Westin. I was sharing a room with Alan, Tony, and Dave Wachter. Here I have a rant . . . Westin, you are greedy greedy bastards. Four dollars for a twelve ounce can of soda is ridiculous.

Tony and Alan departed the hotel for the Feast of the Pants (Golden Corral with the Comic Geek Speak crew) while I joined up with the Geek Brunch crew at Wild Wing Cafe. I ate a ton of wings. I also met up with everyone on the face of the earth. Mike, Barb, Ryan, Rhonda, Bill, Bill’s wife Melanie, Earth-2 Keith, Earth-2 Keith’s wife Michelle, Luke Foster (my mortal enemy!), Mbatz, and Micah. Later, we were joined by TJ, Kev, and Dave from the F-Bomb Cast. I ate a lot of wings. I must have been in a wing-induced haze as for the life of me I cannot remember what we did after Wild Wing Cafe. Someone please refresh my memory?



Friday was the beginning of the Con. Money was spent that cannot be unspent. In this instance I blame Ryan, as he should know better than to leave me at the bargain trades table. Come on! Those things are like crack! And they kept getting cheaper and cheaper as the weekend wore on. I even found one of my Grails. . . . a Boba Fett Mighty Mugg. Those things are darn near impossible to find.

Lunch was Five Guys Burgers with my running crew. Then back to the Con! Ryan and I participated in the Quick Draw Contest. Somewhere in here I was at the DC Nation panel. The highlight of the day was the Kirby Krackle panel. Live nerd music! Those guys won a lot of fans there.

Dinner was at the Rock Bottom Brewery where I enjoyed Chicken Fried Chicken, cheesy mashed potatoes and cole slaw along with their home brew root beer. I played some pool against Mbatz and Earth-2 Keith (both beat me). It was Rhonda’s birthday so she got free cake! We may never know if Ryan will ever be forgiven for taking his wife to a comic convention for her birthday.

Speaking of Rhonda . . . she took advantage of the bounty that Luke put on kicking me in the rear end. She received a candy bar for her mercenary work. Luke Foster will pay.



If you see this man, punch him.

After that we went next door to a classy drinkery known as Therapy where a lovely waitress tolerated our party of 16(!) people. The poor thing. She was really a class act across the board. Mike Myers gave a touching toast to the memory of our lost friend Eric Martin. There wasn’t a person at the table who wasn’t effected emotionally and tears were shed.

You’d have loved this, Eric. We really missed you.

Saturday brought more Con! Wandering around and meeting folks and chit-chatting with them. Folks like Mike Norton and Jamal Igle. Folks like Mike Mignola! I gave him a copy of my comic. I have no pretensions that he’ll like it, nor that he would even have time to read it, but I like to believe in this world where he has it.


Mike Mignola and I

Lunch was at Mert’s Heart and Soul – genuine Southern soul food. GENUINE. SOUTHERN. SOUL. FOOD. So freaking good. I had BBQ beef ribs with cole slaw and mac and cheese.


"Mmmm. Ribs."

Ryan and I did the quick draw competition again on Saturday where he placed. Go Ryan! He doubted that he would, but I did not.

We had Italian Saturday night. Luke had to bow out early. So did Melanie. They were both feeling a stomach thing that I wound up feeling a little later on.

Sunday! Last day of the Con! Which means spending more money than you have on all the great deals! And I definitely did. In my next blog post I’ll catalog the swag I got this past weekend.

Sundays at a Con are a mixture of merriment and melancholy. Merriment cause you’re having so much fun, but melancholy because it’s ending. Friends start to head off for their flights home and you’re reminded that you will have to go back to your real life soon.

I have a lot of friends. The sad part is they are so widely spread out.

We ate at Wild Wings again for lunch. People began to depart, I went back to the Con with the intention of attending the autobiographical comics panel until I realized the quick draw for Sunday was earlier. Good thing I went though! It scored me some free art supplies and a swanky coupon for my next order at Blueline.

Dinner was at a deli (the name of which I’m blanking on). I had a delicious turkey club. Mike Myers and I abused their offer of free soft serve ice cream. Earth-2 Keith ate a sandwich worthy of epic song! We embarrassed Micah!

After that we went to (get this) a trendy bowling alley/bar with a live DJ spinning. It was the first time I’ve bowled since I was about twelve. It was fun though, and a great way to spend time with people I really care about.


Mike uses a bowling method I call "The Hammer Drop"

It was also the last hurrah. I was going home in the morning. I said goodbyes, transferred my crap to Luke Foster’s hotel room (Alan and Tony had already left for New York), and read a newly acquired trade before sleep.

In the morning Dave Wachter, Chad Cicconi and I piled in a car and began the journey back to Pittsburgh. It was a fun guy. I didn’t know those gents as well as I would have liked before the trip, but I feel I know them a bit better now.

As my friend Shawn Pryor says, if I forgot to mention anyone, please charge it to the head, and not the heart. Everyone there contributed to making this one of the best weekends of my life.

In summary . . . how long is it till next Heroes Con?


The Trip Guys

P.S. Sexy Girls!