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Halloween Horror Countdown 2010 Day 5 October 8, 2010

Posted by vorpalkeith in Film Thing, Movie Review.
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The House on Haunted Hill
Directed by William Castle

Oh Vincent Price, why can’t you be in every movie? You glorious, strange, wonderful man.

For the uninitiated, Vincent Price plays a millionaire who is throwing a themed party at a reputedly haunted house with his wife. He has invited several strangers with the promise that each will get a sum of ten thousand dollars if they can stay locked in the house for twelve hours.

And then strange things begin to occur! DUN DUN DUN.

Oddly enough this was the first time I’ve seen the movie. Strange considering what a classic it is. Great old school film

Some fun bits of trivia from Wikipedia:
1) The film is best known for a famous promotional gimmick used in the film’s original theatrical release called “Emergo”: William Castle placed an elaborate pulley system in some theaters showing the film; allowing a plastic skeleton to be flown over the audience at the appropriate time
2) Thanks to Castle’s gimmickry, the film was a huge success. Alfred Hitchcock took notice of the low-budget film’s performance at the box office, and set out to make his own low-budget horror film, which became the critically acclaimed hit Psycho.
3) And the ending credits credit “Skeleton as Himself”.

How cool is that?

Four spooky pumpkins out of five.

Carnival of Souls
Directed by Herk Harvey

The film begins with a tragic drag race (all movies in 1962 started this way). Mary is the only surviving passenger of a car that plunges off a bridge into a lake. She moves to Utah where she is employed as a church organist (in Utah women can only be employed as organists), where she begins to be followed everywhere by a ghoulish stranger (not to mention her pervy neighbor who didn’t get the sexual sensitivity pamphlet).

Listen, I like B-horror movies as much as the next guy. But this one meanders for a solid 78 minutes. Let me save you the trouble.

In the end it turns out that Bruce Willis was a ghost the whole time. This comment is only half a joke.

I’m amazed that Criterion released not only a DVD version, but a Director’s Cut DVD, no less.

Only one spooky pumpkin out of five.



1. Christian Kocinski - October 8, 2010

Dude, I was SO disappointed by Carnival of Souls, I thought that movie was gonna be much better then it was…

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