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Halloween Horror Countdown 2010 Day 9 October 29, 2010

Posted by vorpalkeith in Movie Review.
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Fangs of the Living Dead
Directed by Amando de Ossorio

A by the numbers vampire movie about a girl inheriting her family’s castle. Very uninspired.

Only one spooky pumpkin out of five.

The Pyx
Directed by Harvey Hart

The Devil lives in Montreal. And he likes hookers.

I’ll be honest, I watched this damn thing and I still couldn’t tell you what it was about. Choppy, to say the least. It took me more than an hour to realize that the film was taking place in two distinct time lines. That is not a good thing.

Poor Christopher Plummer. You deserved so much more.

One spooky pumpkin out of five.

Blood Tide
Directed by Richard Jeffries

Treasure hunting James Earl Jones frees an ancient monster that plagued the ancient Greeks, forcing them to satiate it with virgins. It doesn’t eat said virgins . . . it . . . well, it’s Greece. It turns out that they didn’t need to be feeding it virgins for thousands of years as a simple explosive charge is enough to destroy it. And here the ancient Greeks were supposed to be such great thinkers. They didn’t once bother to try and fight this thing!

One spooky pumpkin out of five.



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