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A Small Rant November 20, 2010

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Many of you know that I work in a movie theater. I am a film projectionist, but often I work in the box office as well. It allows for a unique glimpse into the grotesque mass that is human life.

For example, the other day I took a phone call from a customer who proceeded to yell at me because “all the movies now are shit.” Yes, I was selling tickets, and I was the brunt of the tirade.

I didn’t think it would need to have been said, but . . . the employees at the movie theater do NOT make the movies.

We don’t even book them. That gets done for us somewhere in a shadowy office at our evil corporate headquarters by a faceless drone. It’s in Texas. It’s not even the same time zone.

In other words, please stop calling. Theater employees hate bad movies too. But not nearly as much as we hate you.



1. Christian Kocinski - November 22, 2010

Wait… you work in a movie theatre?!

Also, be fair… it’s not the just grotesque masses of human life, be more specific… it’s the grotesque masses of human life who only see movies for $1.25

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