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They Laughed At the Right Bits May 3, 2011

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. . . which was really all you can ask for, right?

Hello all! Keith here. Christian asked me to write up some thoughts about the recent Edinboro premiere that we had for Sweetmint.

This was an interesting experience for me because I hadn’t yet seen the completed film all the way through. Some time back I’d seen a cut that was a work-print, but there hadn’t been any color correcting, scoring, and the dialogue track was far from complete. Not only did I get to see it with all these things, but credits too!

Speaking of credits, I particularly dug the opening credit montage done to Molly Lewis’s song “My Hope”. I think it set the tone for the film quite nicely.

There weren’t a lot of people who attended the event. We didn’t really have a lot of notice to get much in the way of advertising done, but the people who did come seemed to enjoy it (except maybe the one girl who loudly sighed at the “chicks be crazy with the hormones” line). I wrote that line, so I take full credit for any offense created.

What can I say? Seeing words you wrote performed on a big screen is a surreal and wonderful experience. I haven’t been as involved with the project as Christian, but this is still my baby.

Speaking of Christian. . . guess who fell asleep during his own premiere screening? I know, right?



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