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My DC: Secret Origin September 13, 2011

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Much has been made lately about the freshly rebooted DC comics. Except that it’s not a reboot. Except that it is.

Some of the books are good. Some are awful. Most are middling. In a lot of ways the universe is pretty much just like it was before the not-but-really-is-reboot, only more confusing cause of time compression and a question of what is and what isn’t in continuity.

For example, Death of Superman apparently still happened, but if you’re reading Action Comics that would definitely be a confusing issue.

Flashpoint was not a reboot. Technically neither was Crisis on Infinite Earths.

My question isn’t did they go to far, but did they go far enough? What I am proposing is a true hard reboot . . . completely devoid of any continuity whatsoever in any way. What would that universe look like?

What would my ideal DC Universe look like?

Over the next few days I will be doing a series of blog posts discussing just that. Please join me on this little thought experiment, won’t you?



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