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My DC: The Green Lantern Corps September 15, 2011

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As much fun as we’ve all had with with the whole war of light and introducing the entire emotional spectrum into the world of the Green Lanterns; as far as potential directions for story though it has hit a point where any story is inherently mired in the need to coincide with the many colored corps.

For my ideal, rebooted DCU we would be getting rid of all that and returning to a far more classic interpretation of the Green Lantern mythos. The only two colors in the emotional spectrum would be green and yellow. Fear and will.

The Green Lantern rings would NOT have a problem with yellow. Rather it would be a reference to the power of willpower being of less obvious, immediate power in comparison to fear.

The Guardians of the Universe are the oldest beings in creation besides Darkseid (more on him later), immortals with almost limitless power. Like in the past their original attempt to police the universe were the Manhunter robots, but their unfeeling logic turned them into a tyrannical force that had to be stopped.

After, they began the Green Lantern Corps itself. It has existed since as the most powerful organization in the universe.



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