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My DC: Krypton September 20, 2011

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One of the major questions that seems to come from Superman is why a culture that was as advanced as Krypton clearly was would perish in the face of the destruction of their planet.  Why would only a ship large enough for a single occupant escape?

You need to come up with a reason for Krypton to have the technology for interstellar travel, but deliberately have cut themselves off from space.  I imagine they were an old race, magnificent.  They were becoming soft in the comfort of their technology.  As many ancient empires did, they would have turned outward, and sought to bring many worlds under their control . . . under the guidance of a power mad conqueror by the name of Jax-Ur.

Their cruel conquest would have been met with harsh defeat at the hands of the Guardians of the Universe and their Manhunters.  In fact, this would be one of the first atrocities the Manhunters committed, killing millions of Kryptonians.

Krypton as a culture never recovered.  They became xenophobes, banning space travel for their citizenry, relying more and more on the comforts of their stagnating technology and a harsh rule by the Kryptonian military and members of the sun cult of Rao.

Only a rebel scientist by the name of Jor-El dared to challenge the system.  He managed to get an ancient Kryptonian spacecraft operational and explore some of the universe.  For his efforts he would be briefly jailed, but Jor-El never gave up the pursuit of scientific knowledge.

That is why he was the only man to realize the coming doom.  A coronal mass ejection from their red sun Rao, which would destroy Krypton, but the high council ignored his warnings.

He still had the ancient ship he had once used to explore the cosmos . . . hidden away in his laboratory . . . but it was only large enough to carry one passenger, and Jor-El’s wife Lara had recently given birth to their son Kal-El.

The choice was clear.  He programmed the ship’s navigational computer for a relatively primitive blue world he had once visited in his travels. . . a place called Earth . . .and that was the beginning . . .



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