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My DC: Martian Manhunter September 22, 2011

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It’s not recorded in the history books, but mankind first set foot on Mars in the year 1957. It was a group of scientists and adventurers known as the Challengers of the Unknown. This, like so many of their strange adventures, was rendered classified by the government agency known as Checkmate.

What is known is that they brought something back from their Mars expedition. A casket. It took government scientists decades to work out how to open it safely, and when they did they found a cryogenically preserved Martian, the last of his kind.

Once the Martian, called by his people J’onn J’onnz was revived, it was a simple task for him to use his powers to escape. Now alone in a strange world, he chose to defend the innocent . . . a manhunter from Mars!

Powers:I’ve severely reduced the power set of Martian Manhunter in many ways. He simply had too many (in the current incarnation he even has more than Superman). In my take all of his powers and weaknesses could be attributed to two things: his telepathy and density manipulation.

The same density manipulation that allows him to ghost through walls and become invisible would enable his minimal flight (more floating) and his great strength (he becomes literally more tangible). However, it is this aspect of his biology that makes him so vulnerable to fire. The complex nature of plasmas is something his shifting densities reacts very poorly to, and will prove quickly fatal.

He no longer shapeshifts in a traditional sense. Rather, he can make himself appear to be anyone as a result of telepathic manipulation.



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