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My DC: Justice League September 27, 2011

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I know that I originally stated that my Justice League lineup would be larger than this, but I think cooler heads have prevailed and I’ve made it just a bit more managable.

These are the members:

Batman – My Batman is a mix of the animated series Bats and that from The Long Halloween.

Superman – Already explained in previous post.

Wonder Woman – Already explained in a previous post.

Green Lantern – John Stewart as he appeared in JLU, shaved head and goatee and all.

Flash – Wally West as he appeared in JLU.

Martian Manhunter – Already explained in previous post.

Aquaman – Already explained in previous post.

Hawkgirl – Shayera Hol is a military officer from the planet Thanagar, assigned as a liason to Earth. Rather than post her with any particular governmental organization, her commanders thought it wiser to put her with the unaligned Justice League.

The Atom – Ryan Choi was a colleague and student of the famous Dr. Ray Palmer. Together they made the discovery which allows Ryan to shrink in size and fight crime as the Atom.

Green Arrow – Oliver Queen, a little bit older and saltier than many of his teammates, rocking a long bow and the Robin Hood goatee.

Black Canary – Pretty much doesn’t need any change from classic interpretations.

Mr. Terrific – Michael Holt was the third-smartest man in the world, a millionaire, and an Olympic gold metalist – dubbed “Mr. Terrific” by the media. After the death of his wife in a traffic accident he determined to do everything in his power to make the world a better place. One of those initiatives was to approach Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern about founding the Justice League . . . to protect the world the way that the Justice Society of America once did. His T-spheres keep him in constant communication with the orbital Justice League watchtower (which he also built, with additional technological and financial help from WayneTech and Queen Industries). It is through his T-spheres constant updates that he is able to dispatch League members to various hot-zones.

Power Girl – An attempt to replicate the solar-based powers resulted in disaster and the loss of many lives. In the resultant explosion, Karen Starr was transformed into the powerhouse Power Girl.

Manitou Raven – A time-lost shaman from a forgotten age before Atlantis was lost beneath the oceans. Joe Kelly brought Raven into main DC continuity as an homage to the classic superfriend Apache Chief. Mine would be very close to this version. He casts magic of a complicated and ritualistic bent, and carries two weapons: a staff which is said to be cleaved from the universe itself and a tomahawk of obsidian which cannot cut a righteous man. Rather than saying “Inukchuk” as he cast magic, I would imagine this as a war cry. Being a man more than 3000 years outside of his proper time the Justice League felt they had no choice but to welcome him into their fold. . . the dangers of having him out there alone, both to himself and others, were far too great.



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