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My DC: Darkseid September 29, 2011

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This is it, the last one.  And I’ve made some pretty big changes to the character.

What is Apokolips now?  It’s not a planet.  It’s actually a massive world-ship, and the fire-pits aren’t just there to make it look death metal, those are actually the exhausts of engines.  The planet’s population are all conquered slaves, many of them generations into their captivity, who have come to worship Darkseid as a god.

Who is Darkseid?  The oldest known being in the universe, as old or even older than the Guardians of Oa.  He is immortal and the very last of his kind.  Once, eons ago, he had a race . . . a family . . . but they are gone and he is alone.  He only wants one thing: to die.  And he’s willing to destroy the whole universe to do it.

The Anti-Life Equation is said to be the only thing that can kill Darkseid.  What it is exactly is a mystery, though many say the mystery can be answered beyond the Source Wall.  The only thing that is certain is that if it were found, life would end.   Everywhere.

Darkseid patrols the universe in his world-ship Apokolips, seeking the Anti-Life Equation, and conquering worlds so that he can replenish his population of slaves and keep his ship functioning.

And that’s the end of this series folks.  Thanks for playing along!  My next post is going to be a big announcement about the future of my blogging.



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