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“My father had a profound influence on me, he was a lunatic.”

– Spike Milligan


Keith W. Cunningham:
Plucky Comic Relief.

Keith spent the first nine months of his life in a cramped one-room apartment located in his mother’s abdomen (a womb with a view, anyone?). Then, on March the 18th 1984, he was forcibly evicted only to be slapped on the backside by a man in a white mask who smelled vaguely of disenfectants. Things could only go downhill from there.

Keith’s most notable screen credits are as the editor of the animated film Edmond and as the voice of Brian in the award-winning animated film 24 Frames..  He is the co-writer of the feature film Sweetmint.


He is currently developing multiple comic book projects including: an anthology called Strange Places, and the webcomic Stale Popcorn

He hosts two podcasts for the Deliberate Noise Network: a movie review show called Cine-Rama and  The Trip. He has recently joined the ranks of Ultra Friends GO!

In his free time Keith enjoys being a geek (semi-professional), with all the powers and privileges that come with that. He can often    be found rolling dice in attempts to slay Beholders, giving himself a case of Nintendo thumb, or just reading comic books. He loves Chinese food, Mountain Dew, and hot wings. In the dark of night he can often be found enjoying a snack of Ritz crackers with peanut butter and a glass of Ovaltine.

He is a fan of dogs.

No product placement was harmed in the writing of this biography.

For those not sick of Keith by now, you can also follow him on TWITTER.


Keith and Miguel Jorge


The Trip Guys



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